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Calcium cyclamate: a new field of inhibition in the late stage of gibberellin biosynthesis!

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Calcium cyclamate was introduced in Japan in 1994. It is a new plant growth regulator developed by Japan combinatorial chemical industry company. It belongs to acyl cyclohexanone type growth retarder. The discovery of calcium cyclamate is different from other plant growth retarders such as quaternary ammonium salt (chlorpromazine, mepinium), triazole (Paclobutrazol, Uniconazole), which has opened a new field of late inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis, At present, it has been commercialized and widely used in Europe, America and other countries.

It can shorten the stem elongation of many plants, inhibit the growth of plants, promote the growth of lateral buds and roots, and keep the stems and leaves green. At present, the main reason for the widespread concern of domestic enterprises is that compared with triazole delay agents, calcium cyclamate has no residual toxicity to rotation plants, no pollution to the environment, and has a strong advantage. In the future, it may replace triazole growth retardants and have a broad application prospect in fields, fruit trees, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine and cash crops.

"Green property is the biggest characteristic of calcium cyclamate. Its half-life in soil is not more than 24 hours, with low toxicity and low residue, which is the incomparable advantage of other regulators." Zhang Jun, a professor at China Agricultural University, said that although calcium cyclamate has been published for more than 30 years, people's understanding of it is still changing with the deepening of the research on its mechanism. Calcium cyclamate can directly regulate photosynthesis of plants, and has a broad application prospect in almost all crops. At the same time, calcium cyclamate can widely regulate the active gibberellin, ethylene, auxin, salicylic acid, abscisic acid and other plant hormones, which has significant disease resistance, insect resistance and stress resistance. Only it has a profound mechanism of calcium cyclamate Solution, it can play its best effect.

Calcium cyclamate has been registered in Japan, the United States and Canada. The products used in Japan are 1%, 5% calcium cyclamate suspension and 0.12% powder. Promotion crops mainly include wheat, barley, rice, cabbage, strawberry, chrysanthemum, etc. In 2000 BASF registered in the United States on apples, pears, peanuts, sowing grass, strawberries, sweet cherries, watercress, etc. At the end of 2006, calcium naphthenate was approved for registration in Canada. Up to now, 88% and 85% of the original drugs of Anyang Quanfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Hubei transplanting Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. have been registered, 5% of the preparation of effervescent granules and 5% of the effervescent tablets have been registered for regulating the growth of rice. This product will become a hot domestic registration product in the future.