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Hebi Quanfeng  Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2016. The project covers an area of 217 mu, with a planned total investment of 860 million yuan. The products cover more than 20 products in the fields of chemical synthesis preparations, biological preparations and biochemical preparations.

Hebi Quanfeng's production facility adopts automated raw drug production facilities, introduces an automated production line for preparation processing and intelligent storage, and the safety, stability and efficiency of the production facility fully meet the market's demand for high-quality products. Develop in the direction of international branding of preparation products, chaining of raw drug synthesis, and cutting-edge research and innovation, and continue to promote the integration of enterprise development and circular economy. Taking technological innovation as the first priority and focusing on the production of plant growth regulator technical materials, actively develop upstream fine chemical intermediates, reduce production costs, extend the development of 10,000-ton fully automated preparation projects, increase product added value, strengthen brand development, and improve Quanfeng Reputation in the field of plant growth regulators, to make stronger and better plant growth regulators, and develop into a domestic pesticide and chemical industry center.

The project construction is carried out in three phases. The first phase of the construction plan is 12,500 tons of plant growth regulators. The product scale is: 5,000 tons/year of chlormequat technical, 4,000 tons/year of ethephon technical, and 1,500 tons/year of diethyl diethyl hexanoate , 2,000 tons/year of the original drug of metrendine. The scope of construction mainly includes production workshops of chlormequat, amine fresh fat, ethephon, and benzedramine, storage facilities for raw materials and finished products, and supporting public and auxiliary projects, and the supporting public and auxiliary projects include water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, and steam supply , refrigeration units, sewage treatment facilities. The construction started in 2018, and the construction of the device has been completed and is officially in operation.

Construction planning Phase II 1800t/a plant growth regulator project, products include paclobutrazol, prohexadione calcium, trinexapac-ethyl, uniconazole, naphthalene acetic acid, diflubenzuron, thiadizuron, indolebutyric acid, forchlorfenuron, Ten varieties of technical such as baitrene, and four standardized production workshops will be completed by the end of 2021.

The construction plans for the third phase of the project with an annual output of 50,000 tons of pesticide preparations, the production of 20 series of 70 pesticide products such as smoke agents, emulsifiable concentrates, water preparations, suspension concentrates, etc., and the construction of 7,000 square meters of automated production workshops for preparations and 10,000 square meters of intelligent storage.

Hebi Quanfeng is committed to producing high-quality, low-toxicity, green pesticides, which are in line with the country's industrial policies and development directions, and have broad market prospects. The production of the products adopts clean production technology. At the same time, the company pays attention to the investment in project safety and environmental protection facilities. The planning and design include fire protection facilities such as 1000m³ fire pool, fire alarm, intelligent evacuation, etc. The production process adopts DCS automatic control system, supporting 1000m³ accident emergency collection pool, Sewage biochemical treatment system, exhaust gas absorption + incineration system and other environmental protection facilities, the investment in safety and environmental protection facilities is expected to reach 80 million yuan, and the environmental protection facilities are complete, which effectively guarantees clean production.

"Making plants healthier and food safer" is our unremitting pursuit, mutual benefit and achieving a win-win situation is our unfulfilled wish.