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1、 Quanfeng, short for enterprise name.

"Quan" consists of "man" and "King".

"People" means people-oriented, and "King" means career.

The word "Quan" means that Quanfeng adheres to the principle of people-oriented, career based, stage based, cultivating, cultivating and building great achievements.

The word "Feng" originates from the breakthrough and Transcendence of the word "Wang", which means that progress is endless and Quanfeng's steps will never stop.

"Quanfeng" means people-oriented, build a great cause; forge ahead, step beyond!


 2Diamond represents the four directions of East, West, South and North, implying the development space of Quanfeng cause.


3It represents the field and the earth, and the four arc corners represent the rotation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the circulation of time and space. The moral is that no matter how time and space changes, Quanfeng is based on the earth, and the belief of "serve wholeheartedly and harvest thousands of families" remains unchanged.



No matter how time and space changes, Quanfeng will always be based on the earth, with agricultural materials as the leading factor, develop in diversity and common development; always adhere to people-oriented, forge ahead, step by step, and build a great cause! 

Quanfeng's mission: Chengrun, Tianyuan and Fengda

"Sincerity" means sincerity and credit, which is the basis for the development of an enterprise. Build the foundation with sincerity, develop with sincerity, harvest with sincerity, face the world with sincerity!

"Run" is the meaning of "Ze run" and "benefit". Serving the countryside, fengle countryside; serving the society, contributing to the society; serving the world, benefiting the world.

"Countryside" is the harvest field and happy home, which is the source and power of enterprise service.

"Abundant" means abundant harvest, abundance and happiness, which is the embodiment of enterprise value.

"Reach" means to reach and realize.

"The world", Quanfeng take the world as its own duty. He who does not plan for the whole is not enough to plan for a region, and he who does not plan for the whole world is not enough to plan for a time. Quanfeng takes prospering the world and enriching the people as its lofty goal and feelings.

"Sincere rural, Fengda the world.". Quanfeng, establish business in good faith. With sincerity, everything will be moistened; with sincerity, a happy home will be moistened; with sincerity, the world will be rich. Quanfeng is determined to create a harmonious, safe, environmental friendly and good environment for human survival and development.