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Hebi Quanfeng: A delegation led by the Pesticide Testing Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs visited Quanfeng to conduct research on the application and management of pesticides

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On May 5, 2023, a delegation led by Lin Ronghua, Director of the Pharmacodynamics Department, Zhang Hongjun, Director of the Toxicology Department, Zhou Yanming, Environment Department, Yin Yue, Quality Department, Huang Wei, and Researchers Yuan Huizhu and Yan Xiaojing from the Plant Protection Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences visited Quanfeng for research and guidance. They also held a seminar on the registration requirements and risk assessment of flight prevention agents, and discussed how to register and manage special flight prevention agents. Sun Huatian, Secretary of Henan Plant Protection and Quarantine Station, Li Haohai, Station Manager, Zhang Jian, Section Chief, Wang Gang, Station Manager of Anyang Plant Protection Station, and Wang Zhiguo, Chairman of Anyang Quanfeng Company, accompanied the research.



Visit the High Standard Liangtian Demonstration Zone in Wadian Township




Understand the greenhouse intelligent spray system


Visiting the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs



Visit the Quanfeng Exhibition Hall to gain a detailed understanding of the company's development situation

The attending expert leaders discussed the current situation of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pesticide application, including how to reasonably manage the registration of flight control agents, requirements for registration data, environmental risk assessment, and the development of standards and specifications.

I believe that in the context of the rapid development of China's aviation defense industry, through the joint efforts of pesticide registration authorities, research institutes, relevant enterprises, and service organizations, China's aviation defense drug registration management is becoming increasingly standardized, and we will continue to innovate and lead the development of global aviation defense drugs.