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Application of plant growth regulators in flowers -- camellia, Ligustrum lucidum and Magnolia

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Camellia japonica

Camellia, also known as yuminghua, winterproof, Datura, etc., belongs to the camellia family, evergreen shrubs or small trees, up to 3-4m high. The petals are nearly round. The double petals of varieties can reach 50-60. The color of flowers is red, white, yellow and purple.

1、Promote seed germination

The germination of camellia seeds is very slow after sowing. The germination and seedling growth of camellia seeds can be promoted by soaking the seeds with 100 mg / L gibberellin solution for 24 hours.

2、Promote the rooting of cuttings

The bundled cuttings were soaked with na2e · IAB rooting powder in the concentration of 100-300mg / L, soaking time of 2-5h and depth of 2cm. Then the cuttings could take root quickly.

IBA will circumcise the selected Camellia branch at its base, apply 500mg / L IBA wool grease on the circumcised part without separating from the mother plant, add moss to keep the temperature, and then wrap it with plastic film to promote rooting. After rooting, the branch will be cut off from the mother plant and inserted into the seedbed.

3、Controlling flowering period

Gibberellin can be used to control the early and middle flowering varieties of Camellia before the national day, and the gibberellin of 5000mg / l can be used. From August 20, every 10-20 days, buds can be dropped 2-3 times continuously, which can obtain satisfactory results. If some nutrients are added to the treatment, the flower quality will be improved and the effect will be better. Different concentrations and periods can achieve different effects.

Ligustrum lucidum

Ligustrum Lucidum Ait

It is also known as holly seed, wax tree and insect tree. Its plant form is evergreen large shrub or small tree.

1、Promote seed germination

Gibberellin can break the dormancy of Ligustrum lucidum seeds. The seeds were soaked with gibberellin solution of 550mg / L for 48h, and then water was changed once in 24h. Then they were taken out and dried. After 3-5d, they were immersed in water at 25-30 ℃ for 10-15d.

2、Cuttings rooting

IBA usually cuts the robust 1-2-year-old branches of Ligustrum lucidum from mid May to early July, removes the lower leaves and retains 3-5 pairs of upper leaves as cuttings. The rooting rate was 100% and the survival rate was more than 90% when IBA was swayed and dipped into the base of cuttings.

When the rooting powder (ABT) was used for supporting, the rooting powder solution of 100 mg / labt was used to soak the base of cuttings for 0.5-1 h, and the soaking depth was 1-2 cm, which could significantly improve the survival rate of cuttings.

3、Dwarf flower seedlings

After sprouting 7-14 days or pruning in spring of Ligustrum lucidum in Japan, the plant elongation can be inhibited, the growth of lateral buds can be controlled and the plant type can be improved by spraying 40% butyrylhydride solution of 2500-5000mg / L on the leaf surface.

When the axillary buds of Ligustrum lucidum begin to grow in spring, or after the first artificial pruning, spraying the whole plant with 1000 ~ 2500mg / L of the liquid medicine of inhibiting bud on the leaf surface can control the growth of their new shoots, promote the growth of lateral buds at the lower part of the plant, and reduce the pruning in summer, so that the plant types are dense.




Magnolia dentate Desr

1、Promote seed germination

The seeds of Yulan with gibberellin-106-benzylaminopurine were soaked in the mixture of gibberellin (400mg / L) and 6-Benzylaminopurine (200mg / L) for 48h, and accumulated for 56d under the condition of 50% humidity and 7-10 ℃ temperature, which could effectively break the dormancy of Yulan and improve the germination rate of seeds.

2、Promote rooting of cuttings

NAA (sodium naphthylacetate) solution with a concentration of 500 mg / l was used for 15 seconds before cutting, which could promote rooting.

3、Promote rooting

High altitude layering is a common method of propagation, but the rooting rate and survival rate are not high in practice. Therefore, after girdling, 1000mg/L NAA alcohol solution can be used to dip cotton ball into girdling place to speed up rooting and improve the survival rate of transplanting.

Corydalis has many roots and tillers, which can be propagated by layering. The seedling cycle can be shortened by applying 50 mg / L NAA on the peeled part.

4、Improve survival rate

NAA in Magnolia cutting, cutting propagation should be carried out in June to July in the north. The survival rate of young trees in the current year is high. Generally, cutting is done in sand bed, with shade above, water spray and heat preservation every day, generally 15-25 days can take root. The rooting rate can be increased by soaking the base with 50 mg / L NAA for 6 hours.