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S & P set sail again, focusing on new retail and moving towards a new life

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1、 Good life, starting with S & P

A good life is everyone's aspiration.

Close love, lovely children, healthy parents, friends with the same interests, a stable income, a good life is no exception.

But the fact is that there are always many obstacles to a good life, among which a stable income is the obstacle of the vast majority of people.

S & P agriculture, after nearly three years of development and exploration, has a group of loyal partners and pursuers. The modern agricultural service platform and mode of S & P agriculture are well known and recognized by many professionals in the industry. Our initial goal is being achieved step by step: at present, more than 200 county-level service centers, more than 8000 service stations in hometown towns and villages have been established nationwide, with more than 20000 professional plant protection drone operators, and more than 50 million mu of farmland has been provided with plant protection services.

How to make more than 200 county-level service centers, more than 8000 town and village service stations and more than 20000 pilots get a stable and considerable income has always been the concern of S & P.

Localization of S & P agricultural services is the first step for all partners to obtain stable income without going out to work.

Now, it's time to start and enter our second phase.

2、 See the future, focus on rural areas - new rural retail mode of S & P agriculture, officially launched

At present, big data is the mainstream of the times, and many new business models are based on big data.

In addition, people's consumption scenarios are constantly updated and iterated, and their consumption habits are constantly changing. It has become the development direction, even the inevitable trend, of the retail industry to drive the reconstruction of people, goods and yards based on the customer-centric and big data platform support.

Alibaba, Suning, Jingdong and other industry giants have begun to layout new retail, which is the best evidence.

Today's rural China is facing the turning point of retail innovation and consumption upgrading. Based on the National Rural Revitalization Strategy, promoting the upgrading and transformation of traditional retail industry is affecting the wealth trend of the entire rural business.

S & P, which is nurtured by innovation and wisdom, has completed the construction of online advanced information system in combination with upstream and downstream high-quality industrial resources. At the same time, with more than 8000 County, township, town, village outlets and more than 20000 off-line flying teams, it has a complete offline support system.

S & P, there are agricultural genes in the blood. Therefore, we need to build a comprehensive agricultural service platform integrating agricultural plant protection services, agricultural materials sales and new rural retail.

So that S & P partners can really continue to get a stable and considerable income.

Let the good life begin with S & P.

3、 S & P new retail -- S & P webmaster

S & P webmaster is an important member of S & P's new retail model and the core of S & P's new retail model. The role is proportional to the benefits.

What is S & P station master?

Whether you are a homebound entrepreneur, farmer, veterans, agricultural material dealer, or a graduate student, supermarket boss, housewife, in a word, if you want to start a business at home, you can apply to become the master of S & P.

We will recruit a service stationmaster in each administrative village as the S & P stationmaster.

What are the benefits of being a S & P webmaster?

After becoming the master of S & P station:

You can buy goods on the standard & Poor's platform and enjoy the preferential price of webmaster;

You can also recommend the products of the platform to other farmers and large farmers to get rich sales revenue;

You can also recommend more stationmaster to surrounding villages and towns such as a, B, C, D and E, so that more farmers and large farmers can enjoy the products and services with good quality and low price.

As a recommender, you can get considerable recommendation revenue. Of course, the webmaster you develop can also like you, recommend products and develop more webmasters, quickly increase the personal wealth of webmasters.

Be careful:

All the income is distributed by the platform in real time, and is received in seconds.

In order to avoid MLM and adhere to legal operation, our recommended earnings are only reserved for one level.

How can S & P webmaster achieve long-term and stable benefits?

The master of S & P station takes plant protection UAV as a tool and crop yield increase as the goal to carry out plant protection services. The headquarters of S & P and the county operation center will provide the stationmaster with the solutions of pilot training, pilot demonstration and promotion, and advanced crop technology. Through plant protection services, farmers' trust and stickiness can be established, and other agricultural products such as seeds, fertilizers, agricultural implements can be provided. The county level center will set up the front warehouse in time according to the market development demand to provide the station master with fast storage, logistics and competitive goods distribution services. Through the management of agricultural products, expand their own user circle, further meet the other needs of users, so as to create a long-term earning channel for the webmaster.

S & P app Download:

S & P app can be downloaded by searching "S & P" in major app stores:

Application treasure.

Xiaomi and oppo brand mobile phones are downloaded through their own application market.

WeChat is interested in downloading the public sign of "Pu Pu farm clothes".

Scan and download.

S & P's new retail is about to set sail.

Partners, please follow S & P closely and start a better life!