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Project promotion and epidemic prevention and control

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On February 22, 2020, with the approval of the epidemic prevention headquarters of Hebi City and Heshan District, the key project of Hebi City, the production base project of Hebi plant growth regulators with a total annual yield of 10000 tons, was approved to resume work. The approval of the permit indicates that the construction of Hebi Quanfeng project has been carried out in an all-round way!

In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, Hebi Quan Feng actively carried out epidemic prevention and control work according to the requirements of the park, and actively acted to donate UAV and related epidemic prevention materials, and fully cooperate with the epidemic prevention headquarters of the park to carry out epidemic prevention and control.

During the epidemic, the leaders of the company made serious arrangements to minimize the impact of project delay, arrange management personnel in advance according to the requirements of the park to prepare for the resumption of the project. On the evening of February 18, the park informed the enterprises meeting the requirements to resume work in batches. Hebi Quanfeng invited the resumption review team to enter the site for acceptance on February 21, and the site acceptance results met the requirements. 2 The permit for resumption of work was officially issued on February 22.

After returning to work, the company will carry out epidemic prevention work without any slack, conduct pre job training for employees, and implement relevant epidemic prevention management regulations. At the same time, the company's leaders will lead the project counterparts to hold a work arrangement meeting according to the annual goal, and seriously decompose and plan to ensure the achievement of the annual goal

Hebi Quanfeng fire

At present, all the staff of Hebi Quanfeng are full of passion and high morale. I believe that under the passion of the company's leaders and all the staff, the project infrastructure, equipment installation, commissioning and transformation of Hebi Quanfeng project will be "full open".